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Nov 24, 2015
10:43 pm
Nov 24, 2015
8:31 pm
Nov 24, 2015
5:18 pm
Nov 24, 2015
11:50 am
Nov 23, 2015
2:22 pm

Yeah so I thought I should make a journal instead of simply vanishing off the face of this planet. Which I do intend on doing. A lot of things have been keeping me busy lately, and school is one of them. I have tons of work to do and I haven’t even received my seminar theme yet! Physics is going to be the death of me, and there are tons of books I need to read… and when all of that’s done I’m left with little to no free time, which I usually spend sleeping.

I’m thinking about retreating from this website for a while, at least until I finish all of my work. I’d still get on once a day or so, so feel free to note me if you want to talk or something! It might take me a while to reply, but please be patient with me. I will get back to you.

Anyway, I think I finally figured what I want my art to look like! I’ve been experimenting with it a lot lately and I’m starting to figure out where I want to take it. I need to redesign my mascot, and possibly dragonsona. I know what I want my mascot to look like, but my dragonsona is still in the making so I may have to pause the collab? I’m not sure yet, but I might redraw the entire thing, depending on the changes I make to my style. Again, please bear with me. I will not leave anything unfinished.

My watchers probably know about the comic I’m constantly redoing and canceling, my older watchers may even remember the first few pages! The old ones, of course. The ones drawn on paper, that I hope never get to see the light of day.

Terra has been in the making for years now, and I think I’m finally tired of all this procrastinating, so I’m going to say it now: I will most likely cancel Terra. I know not many people were hyped about it anyway, so no big deal. But fear not! There is a new story currently in the making, and since I feel kinda bad about abandoning my old projects, I’m just going to mash them all together and form one big story! I have some ideas about where I want to take the plot, and I fleshed out some characters and chapters already so it shouldn’t be long until the first chapter is scripted and ready to go.

I’m thinking about naming this story Seekers of Life, but I might change it later if I think of something cooler. I don’t want to give away spoilers so I’m not going to say anything about it yet [mainly because I don’t know how to put it into words, haha], but you should see everything for yourself soon enough! I might have some problems with the speech though, so I will probably have to ask one of you to check my spelling and expressions before I upload the page. Just comment below if you’re fine with me sending you an unfinished page every once in a while. Benefits: you get to see the page before anybody else? Idk man I can’t think of anything better.

Which reminds me, I really need to work on my backgrounds. Feel free to link me to some SAI brushes or background tutorials! I would really appreciate it.

Anyway, sorry for making you read this giant wall of text for no reason.

Ave out.

EDIT: 'Seekers of Life' now has a Tumblr! I'll be posting concepts, sketches and various things related to the comic, so feel free to drop by! Most of the things I post there will NOT be posted here, so you might have to check it out often to see new art and related stuff! Here it is, feel free to note me either here or there if you have any suggestions or comments!

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